FIR Labour Relations Ltd. is a human resources management consulting organization focused on the forest industry. One of it’s key roles is in providing governance and sponsorship of the various multiemployer benefit plans that exist for unionized coastal forestry employees.

FIR Labour Relations Ltd. is responsible for appointing all the management trustees for the USW-Coastal Forest Industry Health and Welfare Plan and half of the management trustees for the province-wide USW-Industry Pension and LTD Plans. In addition, FIR Labour Relations Ltd. acts as the Sponsor of the USW-Industry Dental and Extended Health Benefit Plans.

In selecting and appointing management trustees ,FIR Labour Relations Ltd. tries to provide a slate of trustees who are representative of the employers who contribute to the Plans ,understand and are prepared to carry out the required duties of trustees, and have relevant management experience.

All Trustees , whether appointed by management or the union, have a fiduciary responsibility to the beneficiaries of the Trust. They must, at all times, act in the interest of the beneficiaries of the trust rather than the party that appointed them.

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